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Umbria Primavera

Umbria Primavera


Original Artist: Gerardo Dottori

Conceived by: Igor Marziali

Studio: Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli

Materials: Natural stone, Cooked Limestone, Marble, Virteous Paste, Brick, Venetian Smalti, Ecological Smalti

Technique: Direct - Modern


Height (cm): 120.5

Width (cm): 120.5

Depth (cm): 4

Weight (kg): 45


Umbra Primavera (Umbrian Sping) by Gerardo Dottori (1884 – 1977) recreated in mosaic by Maestro Igor Marziali


Gerardo Dottori was an Italian Futurist painter who honoured his love for Umbria through landscape paintings. In 1920 he founded the Futurist magazine Griffa!, and that same year he had his first exhibition in Rome. By 1924 he had acquired certain notoriety, and later exhibited at the Venice Biennale. He was the first Futurist to do so. In the course of his life in participated in ten Biennales.

Dottori’s Paesaggio Umbro celebrates the beauty of the Umbrian countryside. Umbria is a hilly and picturesque province noted for its production of olive oil and excellent wine. Maestro Igor Marziali has dramatically emphasized Umbria’s undulating beauty by deliberately projecting the tesserae outwards, thereby making this artwork very sculptural.

The Maestro has strategically placed natural stone, cooked limestone, marble, vitreous paste, brick, Venetian glass and ecological smalti directly upon the substrate. He has chosen varying shades of blue, green, yellow and red in order to accentuate the charming colours of Umbria.

This mosaic artwork glistens in different light conditions, and captures the splendor the Umbria.

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