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Neptune's Wedding

Neptune's Wedding


Original Artist: Unknown

Conceived by: Romeo Burelli

Studio: Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli

Materials: Marble

Technique: Direct - Roman


Height (cm): 53

Width (cm): 52

Depth (cm): 4

Weight (kg): 30


“Nozze Di Nettuno”(Neptune’s Wedding) recreated by Maestro Romeo Burelli


Neptune (also known as Poseidon in Greek mythology) was the Roman god of water and the sea. One day he spotted Amphritrite, a granddaughter of the god Oceanus, while she was playing with her sisters, and fell in love in her instantly. Yet the beautiful sea nymph did not respond to his advances. Not to be deterred, Neptune pursued his love for Amphitrite and sent a dolphin to persuade her to marry him. She finally changed her mind and married the sea god. Together they had a son Triton and a daughter Rhodes.


Neptune was a powerful figure who could create new islands or produce earthquakes and cause volcanoes to erupt. Together with Apollo, he is said to have built the walls of Troy.


This mosaic is a replica of an ancient mosaic found in Tunisia depicting Neptune’s marriage to Amphritrite. Countless artists throughout the centuries have replicated this subject. Neptune’s marriage to Amphritrite has become synonymous with notions of triumph and persistence.


Maestro Romeo Burelli has applied the tesserae directly upon the substrate, using natural materials including marble and stone. The mosaic was then carefully sanded to recreate an antique finish. The bottom corner has been deliberately left unfinished in order to replicate the original mosaic.


Roman mosaics such as this embody qualities such as power, mystery, and enchantment, as well as containing symbolic messages. They are suited to many styles of home décor due to their use of natural stones. They can create either a warm feel or have a more defining effect depending upon the overall look. For example, a Roman-style mosaic provides a mixture of warmth and formality to an entry, study or formal room. Further still, Roman mosaics are perfect for businesses looking to portray a serious corporate image, aligning their brand with the values of the subject

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