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La Treccia Bionda

La Treccia Bionda


Original Artist: Giovanni Boldini

Conceived by: Evelina Della Vedova

Materials: Marble, Terracotta, Brick, Ecological Smalti

Technique: Direct - Modern


Height (cm): 100

Width (cm): 75

Depth (cm): 4

Weight (kg): 29


“La Treccia Bionda” (Blonde Braid) by Giovanni Boldini (1845 -1931) recreated in mosaic by Maestra Evelina Della Vedova

Boldini was an Italian-French portrait painter born in Ferrara, Italy, in 1845.  By the turn of the century Boldini had become the most sought after portrait painter in Paris.  He was renowned as a colorist and technician, and his works are considered very much Parisian.  He painted society portraits and quickly developed a reputation for his dazzling, elegant depictions of fashionable women.


Boldini’s prize portrait La Treccia Bionda has been recreated by Maestra Evelina Della Vedova.  Vedova’s use of marble, terracotta, ecological smalti (Venetian glass) and brick has captured Boldini’s bold and fluid brushstrokes.  Vedova’s use of natural materials creates a sense of warmth and intrigue.  The sophisticated placement of smalti allows the eyes and other important features to glisten and shine in various light conditions.


Vedova (b. 1958, Como, Italy) is an accomplished mosaic artist, having created many noted mosaic artworks around the world.  A few examples include the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem; the preparatory drawing for the monumental floor mosaic in the Kawakyu Hotel, Japan; coordinated the restoration of Lourdes Basilica; coordinated the transfer of an ancient dome from France to Quebec; and she was also artistic director for the mosaic mural found at the Venice train station.  Her book “The Mosaic… from the copy to the interpretation…” is highly sort after worldwide due to its insightful explanations and instructions on the topic of andamento (movement of the rows of tesserae).


This mosaic artwork embodies a sense of timeless and classic beauty.  It would most certainly make a stunning addition to any home.

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