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Original Artist: Fabian Scaunich
Cartoon by: Fabian Scaunich
Studio: Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli
Materials: Venetian Smalti, Terrazzo alla Veneziana
Technique: Reverse on Paper (Facchina Method)
Height (cm): 26.5
Width (cm): 20
Depth (cm): 2
  • ‘The Doberman’

    There’s no denying, our canine pets are family. We love and understand our dogs. We know their quirks, their personalities, and their likes and dislikes.
    The majestic Doberman… known for its intelligence, alertness and loyalty.

    This original mosaic captures these admirable traits. And just like the loyalty and dedication Dobermans give their owners, Maestro Fabian Scaunich has meticulously cut each tesserae (tile) by hand, to form a perfect jigsaw. Run your hand over this mosaic, and you will not detect the slightest lump or imperfection. The mosaic reveals the same smoothness as the silky coat of the dog itself.

    ‘The Doberman’ was made using the same technique *Gian Domenico Facchina used when he completed the exquisite mosaic found in the Opera de Paris. This method is highly sophisticated and technical, and required diligence and dedication in order to capture the strength, wisdom and nobility of the animal for this mosaic.

    Dog lovers, and in particular those who adore Dobermans, will appreciate the perfection that Maestro Fabian Scaunich has captured in this mosaic.

    *Gian Domenica Facchina bought mosaic into modern times by perfecting the ‘indirect’ method, which creates a smooth surface

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